Apple Disables App Store Reviews in Beta iOS9

Apple Disables App Store Reviews in Beta iOS9

Apple has quietly changed its App Store policies and is no longer permitting iOS devices running pre-release software to be used to write App Store reviews. When attempting to write a review from a device that has iOS 9 installed, a popup is displayed that tells users reviews can’t be submitted while using beta software.

This is a much needed…

Make A Reservation Genius Bar

Apple Stores

Apple is now requiring that all users booking a Genius Bar appointment online sign in with an Apple ID. Previously, users could instead fill out a form with name, address and email in order to book an appointment.

When you visit Apple’s online Genius Bar appointment page now, you’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password in order to confirm it. The reasons for this are manifold…

iOS 7 Beta 2 Released for Developers

iOS 7 Beta 2 Released

Two weeks following its 2013 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2013), Apple has seeded a second beta of the upcoming iOS 7 to developers. The new seed is available in iOS Settings via the Software Update section. It should arrive on Apple Developer Portal as a full download later today.

The new beta likely focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes as this is what…

Watch Apple WWDC 2013 Live Video Streaming


You will be able to follow and watch the big event WWDC 2013 live video streaming. As most of you know that Apple will not air the event. Apple used to release a recorded video of its yearly WWDC event few hours after finishing it. At this page you will be able to follow iOS 7 announcement live streaming video.

If this stream stopped please click here or refresh this…

Two Races In The Mobile Market iOS And Android Can Win Claims Flurry

Apple Android Market

iOS and Android aren’t necessarily competing for one mobile crown anymore, according to the latest Flurry mobile report, which shows that in the two-horse race the smartphone and mobile OS market has become, both Apple and Google’s offerings in fact have room to earn their own separate crown.

Android can rule in the North, in other words, while iOS reigns over the rest of…

Apple Low Price on Refurbished iPad

Apple this morning dropped prices across the board on iPad mini and fourth-generation in its refurbished Apple Store as noted by MacRumors. With all models now carrying approximately 15% discounts relative to brand-new units.

iPad mini

Fourth-generation iPad

Introduced last October, the iPad mini and fourth-generation arrived in Apple’s online store for refurbished…

Apple joins BlackBerry and Samsung

Apple joins BlackBerry and Samsung in getting Pentagon approval

Apple’s mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad have been cleared for use on the US Pentagon’s networks, joining Samsung and BlackBerry in the potentially huge – and tightly regulated – US military market.

That opens the door to a three-way fight between the companies for contracts worth millions of…

Tim Cook discusses taxes

Tim Cook Apple CEO

Tim Cook discusses taxes before Tuesday’s visit to Congress

Yesterday Politico reported that Tim Cook will appear before Congress next week to testify in a hearing regarding how the company is handling its overseas finances and domestic taxes, and today Politico has published a brand new interview with the Apple CEO.

Tim Cook and Apple tend to avoid any public discussion asid…

Apple vs Samsung war start again

samsung Galaxy s4

Apple want to add Galaxy S4 to ongoing Samsung infringement lawsuit in California

In its ongoing second major patent trial against Samsung, Apple yesterday filed a statement with the US District Court in California claiming that after examining the recently released Galaxy S4 it has “concluded that it is an infringing device and accordingly intends to move for leave to add the Galaxy…

Apples next iPhone will begin in June

iPhone Sharp Screen

According to a report from Nikkan, production of displays for Apple’s next iPhone will begin in June. The new screens will be sourced from Sharp, LG, and Japan Display, the same trio that have supplied screens for the iPhone 5.

Today’s report reasserts previous claims that the next revision to the iPhone will carry a design akin to that of the iPhone 5. Like past iPhone updates…

Maps and Siri integration in your Car

Apple iCar Logo

Apple plans to move aggressively into the in-car integration space later this year, according to multiple people familiar with the initiative. Apple is working with car makers to deeply embed iOS’s Maps and Siri services into cars, according to these people. While companies sell accessories to place iPhone and other iOS devices on car dashboards for easy access to Apple Maps’ turn-by-turn…

AirPlay and Apple exclusivity

iTunes Airplay

Accessories makers embracing Bluetooth to side-step Lightning, AirPlay and Apple exclusivity

A growing trend by accessory makers to adopt wireless connections could disconnect Apple from a significant source of revenue. In a departure from the days of the iPod, where accessories such as speakers were designed with 30-pin connections fitting only Apple devices, add-on device manufacturers…

Apple iOS 7 Full Launch In September


Apple iOS 7 Will Ship On Time For A Preview Release In June And Full Launch In September, Report Says

Apple’s iOS 7 will arrive on time, according to a couple of well-placed sources following a report from Bloomberg this morning that suggests it was risking delays in the face of major software changes. Apple blogger and noted beard-wearer Jim Dalrymple gave one of his famous one-word…

Mac OS X 10.9 To Focus On P.U.F


ith the iPad and iPhone being so popular amongst a worldwide audience, many have questioned Apple’s long term interest in the Mac, as well as OS X. With the Mac Pro long overdue an update and Apple seemingly more interested in its iOS devices than its OS X ones. According to our though, Apple will update its computer operating system this year, and it will be an update that will pleas…

iPhone, iPad leads in business and Android leads in smartphone marketshare


iPhone, iPad leads in business, profitability, Android leads in smartphone marketshare

Henry McCracken over at Time has done us all a favor by collecting various data sets that illustrate the state of iOS versus Android.

The data ranges from device marketshare to revenue from app downloads, which presents some stark differences between the two platforms.

We unpack the results…

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