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Terms and Condition Agreement


Please read this agreement carefully before purchasing AppzVenture services. By purchasing AppzVenture’s service, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions.

In accessing and using the services of AppzVenture, you commit to all terms and conditions set in this Terms and Conditions Agreement. Additional terms and conditions may apply to additional areas of the website or to particular negotiations or content posted on the site, in conjunction with the actual Terms of Use Agreement.

AppzVenture holds the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions Agreement at any time. Customers who use the AppzVenture’s website agree to follow any change or modification and are bound to the modified Terms of Use Agreement. The current revision date of the Terms of Use Agreement listed below.

AppzVenture possesses full intellectual property rights to all content, images and visual elements on the website. This information may not be used, copied, distributed, transmitted, or altered unless expressly authorized by AppzVenture.

The content and website are protected by U.S. and foreign copyright laws. These belong expressly to AppzVenture or other copyright owners who have given express authorization to use their information on the AppzVenture website.


As you are bound by the Terms of Agreement, you must indemnify, defend and hold AppzVenture free from any claim arising out of, relating to, or connected with your alleged breach of the Terms of Service in using AppzVenture’s services. You must also indemnify, defend, and hold AppzVenture harmless based on any claim alleging facts that, if true, would constitute a breach of this Agreement.

Any potential customer agrees to solely use the website for lawful purposes, and not to compromise the security of the website, render it inaccessible to others or cause damage to the content, service or website. As a user you agree to refrain from any action that may add, subtract or modify the content of the site. You agree to refrain from accessing content without permission and will not use the website in any way other than the way it is intended

AppzVenture only requires confidential information that enables to pursue the service. Any other material or information sent to the website will be considered non-confidential. You authorize AppzVenture the royalty free irrevocable permission to use, display and distribute in whole or in part, the submission in any manner it sees fit.

AppzVenture reserves the right to correct any errors or inaccuracies in the content on the website, or to change and update the content at any time without giving prior notice. However, AppzVenture does not guarantee that errors, inaccuracies or omissions will be corrected immediately.

This Terms of Use Agreement with AppzVenture’s constitutes the entire agreement between all parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.

The term of this Agreement will begin upon AppzVenture’s acceptance of your job order and will end when terminated by either party. If AppzVenture determines, in its sole discretion, that you are abusing the system, the company (without limiting any other rights or remedies available to it) withdraw your participation and withhold any amount to you.

If you failed to cleared the invoices after development then you all the services has been suspended and there is no mean to refund and you are not our client / customer any more. We don’t like to provide the services to the spammers and scammers.

In the middle time you stop the work and not paid what we done then we also have rights to terminate the services instantly

If customer payment is not made with-in the invoice due date then service is continue but 10% extra service charges fees has been added automatically in your invoice know as grace to pay.

Grace to pay is valid for 5 days only. If the invoices has not been cleared till grace to pay time then your all the associated products and services has been suspended after 5 days know as suspension time.

Suspension time is 5 days and may not increase as per our Privacy and Policy. If still you may not coordinate with the support department your services has been presently terminated.

THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS. We reserve the right to modify, refuse, suspend or discontinue the Service with or without notice at any time, for any reason, and without any liability. Terms related to payment of fees (if any) are specified in the Terms of Offer and may be updated by us from time to time. PLEASE SEE OTHER DISCLAIMERS BELOW.

When you complete the registration process, you create an account. Your account allows you to participate in certain activities on the website. To create an account, you must select a login name and password. You may not use a login name that is used by someone else, and your login name cannot be vulgar, or otherwise offensive, or be used in any way that violates the TOU/EULA.

You may not provide false information during the registration process. You must provide truthful and accurate information in creating your account. You are solely responsible for all activity on your account and for the security of your login name, password, computer system and/or related system. You may not reveal your password to other users.

You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any improper or illegal use of your account. This includes illegal or improper use by someone to whom you have given permission to use your account. Your account is at risk if you let someone use it inappropriately and your account in any of our services is subject to termination if you or anyone using your account violates the TOU/EULA. AppzVenture disclaims any responsibility related to files uploaded by you or other users. By uploading files, you are assuming full responsibility for the consequences of doing so.

You are solely responsible for any and all conduct in entering, altering, modifying, sending or retrieving data, text information, screen names, graphics, photos, profiles, audiovisual clips, links or other content submitted, posted, displayed, transmitted or shared using your User Identification.

AppzVenture does not claim ownership of any content that you submit, post, transmit, or share using AppzVenture services.

You consent that we may provide you with required notices, benefits, and account information through electronic disclosure via email and postings on our website, or at the email address provided at the time of sign up (or as amended at our website by you from time to time). AppzVenture’ Secure Backup allows users to sign up for an online account to backup their data.

Some of these third-party service providers may restrict or prohibit usage of certain services as well as place a cap on how much charges could or could not be paid out for a given service. The AppzVenture’ Secure Backup service is intended to work with third party payment gateways, storage and payment processing companies, and webmail services. Any separate charges or obligations you incur in your dealings with these third parties are your responsibility.

You understand and agree that the cancellation of your account or a particular subscription is your sole right and remedy with respect to any dispute with us. This includes, but is not limited to, any dispute related to, or arising out of:

(1) any term of this TOU/EULA or our enforcement or application of this TOU/EULA
(2) the content available through this site or any change in such content
(3) your ability to access and/or use this site or
(4) the amount or type of any fees, surcharges, applicable taxes, billing methods, or any change to the fees, applicable taxes, surcharges or billing methods.

Software Uninstallation and Service Cancellations If you decide that you no longer wish to use AppzVenture downloads from us, you can uninstall the software by using the uninstall methods explained in each product document/user guide or if not given documented then you should ask for the support.

Web Projects / iOS Project main source code can be handled to the project owner if you are the client but all the dues and payment will be cleared before and source code will be provide extra 25% of total project at the end. You must agreed this terms of condition.

AppzVenture has no obligation to provide you with a copy of your data and may remove and discard any data. This TOU/EULA will automatically terminate when you cancel your account or when we no longer provide the services. AppzVenture does not accept returns of any product which is not purchased directly from AppzVenture. Such products must be returned to the place of purchase (web store, app store) etc…

You agree to provide us with payment for the services that you receive from us. You agree to pay for all the services that you use until you give us a cancellation notice. It is your responsibility to keep your payment information up to date and pay your invoices in time. We reserve rights to charge extra for the services if you decide to pay the invoice 2 days after the due date. We also reserve rights to terminate or suspend your services or take legal action if you fail to pay the invoice(s) after the due date. We will try our best to work with your on any problems that might arise because of the payment processors, but we do reserve rights to take actions in those cases as well.

If you failed to paid the invoice on the due date you server / hosting / shared hosting it’s suspended automatically by the system, and extra 59.99$ upon reactivation on dedicated server, 29.99$ for reactivate the shared and web-hosting.

If you failed to pay the invoice on invoice date and need favor for not terminating and/or suspension you must file the authorization form http://goo.gl/forms/zPExW6HlSE . 15% total amount per 7 days extra charge on invoice. This services is only gave twice a year. Those charges are changed any time without prior notice. We also verify the authorization information by government listing database.

These terms of services updated and effective as of: December 01, 2015

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